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New and Second hand tyres

At Colman Tyres, our team know tyres. We have a huge range of New and Second Hand Tyres and will help you make the right decision according to your budget. We don’t focus on expensive “brand name” tyres, in turn we are able to provide tyres that are of the highest quality and will ensure you get value for money everytime.

All types of vehicles

Coleman Tyre Company specializes in new and secondhand tyres for all makes and models of vehicles, 4wd, passenger, onroad, offroad vehicles and light truck.

Regularly check your tyres

Remember that you should get your vehicles tyres checked regularly , less if you take it off road or drive in harsh weather conditions. Tyre pressure, upkeep and ongoing maintenance Is essential to the safety of you and your passengers. So if you need any advice, drop in and see the team at Coleman Tyres.

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