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Coleman Tyre Company Slacks Creek is built on a foundation of service excellence.

In addition to our pricing structure, which ensures that we remain competitive in the market, our reputation has been achieved by providing nothing less than skilful, prompt and most of all, reliable service to our customers.

Coleman Tyre Company Slacks Creek offers a range of comprehensive services aimed at maintaining the roadworthiness and longevity of your vehicle.

Our strong reputation for quality and efficient service has its foundation in our strong work ethic and dedication to development. Maintaining your tyres is vital; running a car on bad tyres or with offset wheels is dangerous and places unnecessary strain on the engine. Experts recommend that you should have you tyres checked professionally every 2 years and you should replace tyres completely after 5 years or earlier if your vehicle experiences a lot of mileage.

With our comprehensive services Coleman Tyre Company guarantees high quality workmanship and dedication to getting the most out of your vehicle. Good tyres and wheel alignment are essential to ongoing vehicle maintenance and longevity. Coleman Tyres is your one stop shop for all things wheel related. If you’re in need of a total replacement or a quick check up give us a call or drop in and let us take care of all your tyre needs.

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