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Flat tyre, what now?

When you have a flat tyre your most immediate problem is to get back on the road. You will usually need to remove the punctured tyre and fit your spare wheel to the vehicle.

It is important to organise for the punctured tyre to be repaired as soon as possible. At Coleman’s we perform puncture repairs and can advise you if your tyre is repairable.

Depending on the area of the tyre where the puncture occurs will determine if the tyre is repairable. Generally tyres with punctures in the tread area are repairable. Don’t drive on a flat tyre as this can damage the tyre more and make the tyre unrepairable

A flat tyre is generally caused by a puncture to the tyres casing, allowing air to escape and causing the tyre to deflate. Punctures are usually caused by sharp objects like screws and nais. These objects tend to cause punctures less than 5mm in diameter. If they occur within the tread area of the tyre, a repair can be made to the tyre.

Tyres are usually unrepairable and will need replacement if there is a sizeable puncture to the tread or punctures to the tyre’s shoulder or sidewall areas.

A puncture repair usually takes around 30 minutes to complete. It involves deflating and removing the flat tyre from the rim, assessing and repairing the puncture before re-fitting it to the rim and balancing the tyre on the wheel. It can then be fitted to your vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding tyre repairs, please speak to one of our expert staff. Do not attempt to repair tyre punctures yourself.

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